Minggu, 27 Maret 2011


       Last week, my friend and I rode our bikes to the beach. It was only five kilometers 
from our houses.
      It was  quite windy and there was hardly anyone there. It surprised us because 
there were always many people coming there on the weekends. So, we had the beach 
on our own. We bought some hot chips, rode our bikes, played in the water and  sat 
under the trees. We really had a great time.
1.     Where did the story happen?
a. in a house                                               c. at the store
b. in a water                                                d. at the beach

2.   How did they go to the beach?
      a. by bicycles                                             c. by bus
      b. by car                                                    d. by boat

3.   Who did the writer and his friend find when they reached the beach?
      a. many people                                           c. almost no one
      b. many visitors                                          d. foreign tourist

4.   How did the writer think about the trip?
      a. It was an unpleasant trip                           c. It was a funny trip
      b. It was a horrible trip                                 d. It was a good trip

5.   “It was only five kilometers from our houses.” (line 1). The word “It” refers to….
      a. bike                                                       c. beach
      b. chip                                                       d. house

One day, I had to teach a new English class. I read the list of
new students’ names. It was kiddies’ group since they were about
9 and 10 years old.
That was the first day of The Spanish carnival, so I wanted to
wear the most appropriate suit for the children’s class. Most kids usually
dress up at carnival I thought. It would be more interesting if their teacher
was also in carnival spirit. That was why I decided to wear my teddy bear
suit and bring cuddly toys in my box
And that was what I did. I walked through the door happily. The director
watched me completely astonished. I smiled and looked straight at her.
With a man beside her, she said, “ Good afternoon. I’d like to introduce you
to Mr. Mendez, the director of Delta company. He is one of the participants
of English course that you will teach today.”
Oh my God! I nearly died! The secretary apologized to me for wrong
details of  my new class
6. The secretary apologized to the writer because……….
      a. The writer wore his teddy bear suit
      b. She did not remember the carnival day
      c. She did not know Mr. Mendez was in the class
      d. She has given the wrong details of the new class

7.   Who is the main character in the story?
      a. The writer            c. The director
      b. Mr. Mendez         d. The secretary

On Thursday 24 April we went to the Botanical Gardens. We walked
down and boarded the bus.
After we arrived at the garden, we walked down to the Education Centre.
The third grade students went to have a look around. First, we went to
the first farm and Mrs. James read us some information. Then, we looked
at all the lovely plants. After that we went down to a little spot in the
 Botanical Garden and had a morning tea break.
Next, we did sketching and then we met the fourth grade students at
the Education Centre to have lunch. Soon after that, it was time for us
to go and make our terrariums while the fourth year students went to have walk.
A lady took us into special room and introduced herself, then she explained
what we were going to do. Next, she took us to a pyramid terrarium. It was
really interesting.
After we had finished, we met the fourth grade students outside the gardens.
Then we reboarded the bus and returned to school.

7. Most events mentioned in the text happened….
a. at the Education Centre
b. in the botanical garden
c. on the bus to Botanical Garden
d. outside the school

8. The writer of the text is….
a. a fourth grade students
b. a school teacher
c. a third grade students
d. Mr. and Mrs. James

9. What did the fourth grade students do after lunch?
a. They had a walk
b. They made their terrarium
c. They returned to school
d. They went to a pyramid terrarium

10. What was the second activity of the writer during the excursion to the Botanical Garden?
a. Gathering at the Education Centre
b. Going to a small garden
c. Looking at the lovely plants
d. Visiting a beautiful lady

11. “It was very interesting.” (par. 4) What does the underlined word refer to?
a. A pyramid terrarium
b. A specific room
c. Education Centre
d. First farm